Document verification

The electronic documents issued by the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) have a unique Secure Verification Code (CSV). This code guarantees the authenticity of the document, whether you have it on paper or in electronic format.

User Manual


All electronic documents issued by the Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT) through its official website include a Secure Verification Code (SVC). Through this service you can consult any document issued by the DGT with this code.

This function is specially useful when a citizen has printed the electronic document and presents it in any public administration office, so that the authenticity of the document can be checked and that the document has not been tampered.

What is the SVC? Where is it?

The SVC is a key which unambiguously identifies a document. In order to perform the verification, enter the SVC located in the margin. You can find the SVC either in the left or in the right margin and with different format depending on the type and age of the document. Below are a number of examples, the SVC is highlighted in a red box:

Model Example 1 in right margin
Model Example 1 in right margin
Model Example 2 in right margin
Model Example 2 in right margin
Model Example 3 in right margin
Model Example 3 in right margin
Model Example 4 in right margin
Model Example 5 in left margin
Model Example 5 in left margin
Model Example 6 in left margin
How is the authenticity of the documents displayed on this tool ensured?

To ensure the authenticity, integrity and to provide assurance that the contents of the documents cannot be altered, the calculation of the SCV is made taking into account the contents of the document, so that any modification to the original document causes that the SVC entered does not match; besides, advanced digital signature and time-stamping for most documents are included.

Advanced signature: It is the electronic signature that allows the identification of the signatory and any subsequent change to the signed data, which is linked to the signatory singly and to the data it refers to; this signature has been created by the signatory using means under his/her exclusive control.
Time-stamping: it is an online mechanism to prove that a series of data have existed and have not been altered since a specific moment in time.

Common functionalities

Anyone who needs to check the validity of a document either in electronic format or in paper containing a SVC can do so by accessing the Document Verification Service available on the DGT website. The application will then require the user to enter the SVC digits of the document, and the user will receive the equivalent electronic document including the electronic signatures, if any. The user can then compare both documents. Among the documents that can be downloaded are, for example, those in the Electronic Registry, the Traffic Fine Notification Bulletin Board, the document management system of the DGT, etc.

Obtaining documents

You must enter the Secure Verification Code or document locator (CSV) and click on the Search button. If the document exists, it will be downloaded to the device.

You can access the application from the DGT official website.

Frequently asked questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions:

What is the Secure Verification Code?

The Secure Verification Code (CSV) is a key associated with a document and linked to the Public Administration, body, public body or Public Law entity, which allows the verification of the integrity of the document through access to the corresponding electronic headquarters ( Article 42.b of Law 40/2015, of October 1, on the Legal Regime of the Public Sector).

What documents can I verify?

All those documents issued by the General Directorate of Traffic that have a Secure Verification Code. If the document with CSV is from another organization, you must carry out the verification in the Electronic Office of the issuer.

Can I access the service through a mobile device?

Yes, the application is ready for use on mobile devices and tablets.

Can I download the document on my computer or device?

Yes. You can save the document in your computer or device with all the guarantees of its authenticity and integrity.

What if I do not find the document?

It may be due to the fact that it is a document that has not been registered by the Traffic Department. You can consult it at any of the Headquarters or Traffic Offices, following the procedure detailed in the following section.


You can call 060 if you need more information or you have problems with the verification of the document.
If you need to carry out any procedure with the General Directorate of Traffic, consult if this procedure requires previous appointment in the Headquarters or Traffic Office what you wish. You can do it online or by calling 060. If you act on behalf of the interested party, communicate it when booking the appointment.